Hollywood Stars


Hollywood, a place of fame and cultural identity and as the historical center of movie studios and and stars, it is often called the movie capital of the world. Many historic Hollywood theaters are used as venues and concert-stages to premiere major theatrical releases, and host the Academy Awards.

In this place reigns the Hollywood stars. They are the Royal Family of America. Hollywood does everything it can to encourage the fascination with Hollywood stars, both the new and the old and even the dead.

There are lots of tourist spots on Hollywood for fascinated fans like famous theatres, restuarants and homes belonging to the stars. There are also graves of Hollywood stars to visit or you can vist the wax museums.

In 1940s to 1960s, there is much interest of Hollywood stars due to its more romanticized time in which stars are treated like royalty. Hollywood stars are part of the studios system, they are the part and act the characters on a film. But despite of watchful care, scandals would arise at the peak of their careers which only make fans more intrigued and which make them more popular and and being talked or gossipped about.


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