Blockbuster Movies


Is applied to a film or theater, denotes a very popular and succesful production. It may also mean any big budget hollywood movie with famous stars that dominate public attention even it may mean financial failure.

A movie can be considered as blockbuster if it has sustains widespread popularity and achieve enormous sales or movie that makes lot of money in a short period of time. If audience are high thus estimate movie ratings are high too.

But what makes a movie a blockbuster? It is extremely expensive and requires big budget and preparations in every costly special effects, scene and shots made involving big name stars. Millions of dollars are spent on them with the hopes that the returns will be more than the make up for their cost.

A success or failure is often determined by the sales ticket during the first weekend of it's premier. To gain more sales or audience often they do advance screening. With the rising cost of ticket, people do hesistate to go to see movies. So what the producers do is employ highl-profile expensive actors to lure the public in. They also use special visual effects to dazzle the audience. Also they make sequels of popular movies. Another way is selling merchandise that represents the characters which range from dolls to video games. They also make money on DVD sales and rentals. They even employ popular music artist to record soundtracks so they sell CDs and gain profit from them. Blockbuster movies will always be a form of entertainment that will lure audience to walk away from television to go watch movies in theaters and there is nothing like getting a box of popcorn and watching a great movie on the big silver screen.


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