A look At Yahoo Movies


Yahoo has quickly emerged with a variety of features that are important to a consumer. One of the many features of Yahoo that consumers enjoy the most is the fact that they have found a way to mix the entertainment history and their search portal so that movie fans everywhere can gain insight to a variety of happenings that is occurring on the entertainment scene. This is called “Yahoo! Movies”. In this article, we will take a look at Yahoo Movies and what it has to offer you.

The website of Yahoo Movies can be found by clicking the following link: http://movies.yahoo.com/ . Here, you can find most anything that concerns the world of movies – both past and present. This website takes the entertainment industry that specializes in movies and breaks it down in an easy to understand format for the visitor. This makes it quick and simple to be able to find out all you wish to know on the variety of subjects in the movie and entertainment industry.

One of the first things that visitors to the Yahoo Movies website will notice is the fact that the website is set up to be user-friendly. There are many tabs for appropriate searching. If you wish to search for something in particular, there is a search box that you can simply type your search into. When doing a search on Yahoo Movies, you can specify your search even more by selecting whether you want to search by movies, audio clips, various pictures, or on the web in general. This is a very useful feature for people who wish to find certain information regarding the entertainment industry.

Yahoo Movies has another wonderful feature in which it tells you what the top movies at the box office are. It normally lists approximately ten movies that are the highest movers in the movie industry. Number one being the highest mover in movies, and number ten being the lowest mover in movies. Not only can you see how the movies rate at the box office, but also you can click on each individual movie to learn more about that particular movie. This is a great feature for people who wish to spend their money wisely when choosing a movie to watch at the theater.

If you wish, to see the movie times and locations in your area, there is a search feature on Yahoo Movies that will allow you to find information on movie Showtime’s by zip code. If you like, you can also search for information by movie title as well. This is a handy and convenient feature made possible by Yahoo Movies at http://movies.yahoo.com/ .

If you are a parent and wish to find out what other parents, particularly mothers, feel about a certain movie, you can find outstanding movie reviews at Movie Mom Reviews that Yahoo Movies has to offer. Find out if a particular movie is right for you and your family and what other parents have to say about the content of movies on the market today.


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